saving my username for when the app is available, gonna move over when tumblr goes down

Nova, 21, polyamorous, agender, greyromantic demisexual plumerian (alw & aln), tucute, trender, Hufflepuff

syrup -

I really like Bluebear's design she is just too adorable :<

look at her minding her business and me being like I LOVEMYOU

Mienshao and Piplup as villagers

I'm back and happy to be there! There you go new art eheh

x3 -

herez wht ive done so far

x3 -

plz givme ac villagerz 2 draw mayb

made a couple moodboards for stitches animalcrossing! i really love that lil teddy bear πŸ’–

(also, stitches is toygender and uses he/they pronouns bc i make the rules)

Y'all want a stupid sticker?

Y'all can have a stupid sticker!


trendercenter -

[id: a transparent sticker watermarked by jade wyton. it reads "even my car is gay," but the word car is in rainbow stripes on a car with trans stripes. end id.]


trendercenter -

[id: heart shaped cookies made to look like rainbow geodes with gilded edges. end id.]

violet-fae -

I hope all aromantic, asexual, aro-spec, and/or ace-spec non-binary and non-dysphoric trans people are experiencing something positive today. I know that people like us are too often the brunt of "special snowflake" exclusionism, but know that you're experience is real and true, and you're place in the community is also real and true. You are not making the LGBT+ community look bad, you are in fact, enriching it with your presence. Thank you.

I've been messing around with pixel art a bit and I made a little pride thing

trendercenter -

[id: pixel art of two stars bordering four hearts on a black background. the stars have a rainbow cycling from top to bottom, and the hearts are, from left to right, white, purple, lavender, and white, the same colors as the chevron queer flag. end id.]

neongummy -

Nonbinary glitter stimboard from my tumblr

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minecraft good

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me when i see an enderman: nooo dont despawn ur so sexy haha

Update: 04/03/2019

staff -

Broke the update I was working on into two parts, here's the first! Going forward, if there's a number next to a patch note, it refers to the issue number in the Jira (bug or feature request).


- #2: Asks can now be answered privately. Currently, this sends an ask back, allowing two way conversation until IMs are implemented. - #6: Users can be mentioned using the same syntax as on Tumblr. Note there's no dropdown of names, so be careful with your spelling.


- Significant backend refactoring to unify core and blogs.


- Resolved an issue where private answers were failing silently. - #5: Inbox and Outbox pages now correctly link to blogs. - #4: All pages now use https links instead of http, removing the last holdover from when blogs were http only.

thellere -

Let's reclaim "terf" for the gardening crowd and go back to calling anyone who doesn't want folks to have rights "just a bit of a cunt, really"

cosmicaces -

i hope every trans person finds the love and happiness they deserve 💖💗💖💗💖💗

Learning about nonbinarism and agender people changed my life and helped me find a peace with myself I've never had before. This is basically how it went.

thellere -

So I've really never gotten involved in any drama on Tumblr intentionally and tend not to follow any of the blogs that engage in it so I'm gonna need someone to explain to this dumb motherfucker:

What is a terf and what are coded names

nova-is-hella-cute -

a terf is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. they hate trans people with a vengence, especially trans women. i've seen them act pretty violent and awful.

the term coded name isn't familiar, but i assume it means... like, gender association? like, michael is a male/masculine coded name, louisa is female/feminine coded, etc

hello waterfall! Γ’Β€Γ―ΒΈΓ’Β€Γ―ΒΈΓ’Β€Γ―ΒΈΓ’Β€Γ―ΒΈ